Our style of eyebrow tattooing is a more natural and conservative approach that allows the brows to enhance the face, not overpower or be the center of attention.

By skillfully placing the brow enhancement in the most flattering and balanced shape for your face, the effect is game changing with the right brow will make your face youthful and your mornings will be effortless.

If you are struggling to achieve a flattering brow shape with makeup and want your brows shaped to flatter your features and executed with a soft approach, then Ethereal is the studio for you.

Eyebrow tattooing is usually a two appointment process, the initial session to build up the brow structure and a “perfecting appointment” 6-10 weeks after to assess how your skin holds pigment and retouch where necessary, to add more density or thickness.

The first session has a less is more approach so that there is room to move with the perfecting session. This touch up is free and available to you within 10 weeks of your first session.

Microblading / Feathering

Suits you if:

- You don't usually fill in your brows much or would prefer a very natural "fluffy" brow

- Doesn't want the brows to have a makeup/filled in appearance

- You have  dry to normal skin with no lines/wrinkles in the brow area. 

- In most cases it's not suitable to mature skin over 50 yrs old

- Wanting a less-is-more enhancement 

- Don't mind to have a touch up more often as long as it's the most realistic/natural brow enhancement option

Powder or Ombre 

This can range from a gentle dusting of pigment throughout the brow (looking like soft airy wash of colour) or a more defined powder brow to replace the look of filling in your brows with makeup.

Suits you if:

- Your skin is oily, mature, sensitive, though any skin type can do this technique

- Want a longer lasting enhancement as it fades more evenly over time and slower 


Suits you if:

- You like the look of some fluffy hair strokes but also want a more filled in brow 

- You have gaps in the brows but your natural brow hairs are thick hairs

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shaping and tinting

We consider brow shaping to be an art form and considering you wear your brows every day, it's an important investment after all.
Your first shaping visit is designed to set you on the way to getting the best shape possible for your brows and after this and then we work with maintenance sessions (usually once every 3-5 weeks) to keep them on the right path.
In the first session of brow shaping we will measure, map out your brows to check for symmetry and design the perfect shape first, working out where we need to grow in and applying a tint or henna if required.
Henna tint and regular brow tint lasts approximately 4 weeks on the hairs, with henna lasting up to one week as a skin stain as well as not containing any peroxide ingredients compared to regular tint.
The colour of your tint ranges from light blonde to deep dark brunettes and is usually made up of a few different colours to get the perfect mixture for you.
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