Please note you are not suitable for cosmetic tattooing at the moment if you are:

– Prone to keloid scarring

– Under 18 years old without medical permission

– Pregnant

– Have been sunburnt within 4 weeks of the appointment

– Have used any Accutane, Photo sensitizing medication or prescription Retinol in the past 6 months

– Eczema, Acne or Psoriasis in the brow area

Do I need a consultation? A consultation is not required, it is an optional additional appointment which is a chance to discuss in person your concerns and questions prior to deciding if you would like to go ahead with the treatment. Otherwise, a consultation is included in the treatment itself.

How long will it last? Cosmetic tattoos fades in varying degrees for different individuals. The rate in which the tattoo will fade is dependent on a variety of factors such as: sun exposure, medications, using skincare containing exfoliating acids, skin type and condition of your skin, smoking, lifestyle. 

You need to have touch ups to maintain the results on average once every 12-18 months. Cosmetic tattooing is considered permanent even though it fades over time. 

Do I need the 2nd session?

All cosmetic tattooing treatments are usually done over two sessions. The first session we do a slightly less is more approach, build our foundation and assess how your skin responds to the pigment. The 2nd session is equally as important to complete the brows, to reinforce, add more pigment and adjust where necessary. This session needs to be scheduled within 6-8 weeks after your first session.

In rare occasions there may even be the need for an extra touch up.

Will it hurt?

90% of my clients say the pain is minimal and tweezing is worse!

What should I avoid leading up to my appointment?

Avoid within 24 hrs caffeine & alcohol, excessive sun exposure and skin peels within 4 weeks, botox/fillers to the area less than 2 weeks prior.

What will the healing process be like?

Immediently after the tattoo will be darker and appear more crisp with some redness. On day 3-10 a layer of skin will build up and flake off, underneath and the tattoo will appear lighter almost dissapeared until a few more weeks when the skin has completely healed and the pigment is visible again. The brows are then completed at the touch up. All clients are given detailed after care instructions to follow and aftercare products are provided to you as part of the treatment which have been tried and tested for best healed results.

What sort of pigments do you use?

I use pigments that are of course high quality and vegan but are also highly concentrated, they fade beautifully and softly over time.